About Us

Our aims are:

To create great performance inspired by the history, traditions, personal stories and cultural forms of BAME and other diverse and minority communities to celebrate their presence in, and document their contribution to, modern Britain thus giving voice to the voiceless.  

To create partnerships within and beyond the cultural sector to produce a range of plays, musicals, and other forms of performance that tell untold stories from BAME and other diverse communities throughout the UK.

To curate and produce in partnership with leading cultural organisations a series of events that document and celebrate BAME contribution to British cultural life.

To build a legacy for the cultural capital the company holds through attachments to our productions, mentorships for newer practitioners and a range of commissions.

To help create through advocacy and engagement with the creative sector and wider BAME communities, a creative sector in which BAME artists and practitioners can take their rightful place at the heart of modern British cultural life.

We develop and create new work and adaptations for diverse audiences.  Each project is developed in line our purposes and aims which are: to promote, maintain, improve and advance education particularly by the production of educational plays and the encouragement of the arts including the arts of drama, mime, dance, singing and music.

StrongBack Productions builds on the artistic directors’ shared passion for telling stories, entertaining audiences and celebrating Britain’s diverse culture. Rooted in the synergies of Caribbean culture and music and with a strong understanding of the role of culture in postcolonial societies, we embrace the complex and vibrant reality of diverse Britain, and draw inspiration from the communities from around the world that contribute to the day to day life of the nation.

Between us, we have worked with just about every major cultural institution, from the BBC to the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, West Yorkshire Playhouse, the Young Vic, English Touring Theatre, the Victoria and Albert Museum. Our work, together and separately, has won critical acclaim both in the UK and the Caribbean.

What we believe:

Because these are difficult times, we feel that there is no choice but to move forward.

Because we know Britain’s cultural USP is the vibrancy of our creative artists, we will work to create fruitful partnerships that break barriers.

Because we believe all voices have a right to be heard, we know that our unique contribution strengthens British culture so that it expands richly rather than contracting in fear.

We must examine the history of empire and the richness of the commonwealth as sources of inspiration through the lens of the postcolonial experience and modern sensibilities.

At a time when as a society we are being pulled in many directions, we celebrate what keeps up together and makes us uniquely British.

Finally, we believe art needs to speak to who we are and why we do what we do, examine our lives as lived and chart a way forward.