Rude Gyals


Real-life stories about the life-changing moments in the lives of Black women

Shortpants, Shards of Memory,  Inevitable, Stompy Boots, A Scot’s Toast – (Wisdom, if you like), Ostrich read by Martina Laird, Jo Melville, Dona Croll and Sapphire Joy.

Thanks to the writers who included Delia Jarrett-Macauley, Patricia Cumper MBE, Chi-Chi Nwanoku and Pauline Walker.

Video excerpts from Rude Gyals

Audience reaction to Rude Gyals:




“Very enjoyable all.  Many more to come please.”

“Very entertaining, thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would recommend the production to friends.”

“Very interesting and entertaining.  Actors portrayed the stories very well.”

“Thank you.”

“Great show.  Really enjoyed it.  Excellent read through – fantastic actresses.”

“Wonderful setting and positive vibe throughout.”

“Excellent.  Please do more of this.  Please keep up this amazing good work.”

“Good idea to have an age range mix as you did.  Looking forward to more – perhaps with specific themes? Thank you – great afternoon – would definitely encourage friends and colleagues to come.”

“Glad I came!’


“I would also recommend the event to others.”

“A good enjoyable afternoon, the result of a great deal of hard work.  Would like to see it again at a different venue.  Well done!!”

“It’s been brilliant, thank you.”

“Very enjoyable.”